You can reach Selimiye by turning from Selimiye – Bozburun sign while travelling from Marmaris towards Datça.

Along the road, almond, pine and olive trees will accompany you and display each and every shade of green.

From time to time, sea will blink to you. When you approach Selimiye, you will reach the village by leaving turquoise blue of Aegean Sea on your right. Especially, pay attention to the goats along the road.

Selimiye will welcome you with its virgin nature, clean air with abundant oxygen and sea that resembles a swimming pool.

While fishery, beekeeping and agriculture were main sources of income in the village 15-20 years ago, tourism has become the major source of income now. In the region, where the boutique hotels are dominant in general, smiling faces of the local people will especially impress you.

There are fortress remnants that date back ancient ages in Aşarkaya, which is the highest hill of Selimiye, and Sarıkaya. It is quite rich in terms of history with wall remnants, observation tower and lighthouse.

In Selimiye, you can comfortably swim both inside the village and in beaches around the village. Sığliman and Akkum, which are located outside the village, are very suitable for holidaymakers that like sand and families with children.