This is a reality although we do not know whether it stems from its air, water or attraction of breakfast.

Breakfast is both a joy and almost a race of tasting very delicious foods. Most of the delicacies presented in the breakfast we prepare with natural and local products as much as possible are delicacies of Selimiye and Datça which is very close to our place.

Village eggs, green vegetables, lemon come from our village while honey, butter and village cheese are supplied from Bayır village that is close by. Honey varies as thyme honey, honeydew honey and flower honey depending on season.

Jams are hand-made and prepared by mothers. Mint, parsley, rocket, mountain thyme and flos lavanduale romanae are grown in our own garden.

Newly-cooked village bazlama (flat bread), which is the queen of the breakfast, is in our table every morning.

Some delicacies come from the regions where they are beautiful.

Our olives and extra virgin olive oil come from Avcılar village, in which the oxygen transition is at the highest level in the piedmont of Kaz Mountains.

Dried eggplant – pepper and spices from Gaziantep, dried apricot and mulberry from Malatya, raisins from Manisa, dried fig from Aydın, vine leaves and walnut from Tokat.

For lunch and dinner, you can make your selection from our menu as snacks or full course.

Red meat and chicken meals and pot meals are served as well as fish and sea food.

Our mantı (Turkish ravioli) does not come from Kayseri, but it is one of our favourite delicacies that we have prepared by ourselves.

Bon appétit in advance …